‘Transitioning From One Child To Two: Hello, Shit Show’ | Inside Voice 5

Alessandra Macaluso reads her sidesplitting hilarious essay about the shitastrophy of going from one child to two.

Alessandra Macaluso is an author, freelance writer and blogger. Follow her blog PunkWife.com for more information about her upcoming books and projects.

What’s a “punkwife?” I like to describe her as a slightly intoxicated yet ambitious Martha Stewart. Her house is not perfect, she has trouble keeping houseplants alive, and she sometimes burns dinner. But she still pushes on forward pinning every great idea she finds because she has a passion for trying, for doing things her way, and for laughing at herself when she fails miserably. A punkwife is the modern day housewife. And – just so we are clear – by “housewife” I mean the over-worked (be it at an office or with her children,) under paid, party loving hot mess you are. Welcome home.

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