‘5 Strategies For Watching Live TV (Just Like In The 1980s) ‘ | Inside Voice 8

Susan Maccarelli from Beyond Your Blog reads her hilarious essay about ditching cable and watching TV 80’s style. Which basically translates to no DVR, (AIS) ass in seat, planned snack and bathroom breaks and ‘Donald Trump making you his bitch for weeks on end’ while you tune in religiously to Celebrity Apprentice.

Pecked To Death By Chickens is Susan’s humor blog, though occasionally she’ll author a poignant post revealing her soft underbelly (a euphemism AND a literal description). Susan also helps other bloggers get featured on the sites they aspire to, on her blog resource site Beyond Your BlogFeatures on sites like BlogHerBlunt Moms, BonBon Break, In The Powder Room and of course Scary Mommy, help feed her attention seeking behavior. She still hasn’t figured out what Instagram is, so check her out on FacebookTwitter and Google+ instead.

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5 Strategies For Watching Live TV (Just Like In The 1980s)

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