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Jill Ginsberg is an author, speaker, health coach and mother of three wild little humans. She combines her offbeat humor with her wellness and business knowledge to teach busy people everywhere how to run their lives like a boss. Jill’s wellness articles and parenting humor have been featured on The Huffington Post, Scary Mommy and TODAY Parents, among other notable sites. Her entertaining self-help book titled Self-Made Wellionaire is being published by Flower of Life Press on May 1st. She’s also the voice behind thejillist.com, an irreverent parenting and lifestyle blog that helps moms lose their shit and get it together – all at the same time. You can also follow her on TwitterFacebook and Pinterest.

Jill reads an excerpt from her hilarious debut book Self-Made Wellionaire. Are you ready to finally get your shit together? Pre-order your copy today!

In this hilariously entertaining self-health book, author, speaker and health coach, Jill Ginsberg, offers a compelling new system for implementing wellness change.

Utilizing strategies and tools that have become gold standard in companies around the world, Jill helps busy people become the CEO’s of their own lives. With simple exercises, comedic insight and a no-holds-barred style, she shows you how to:

  • Take charge of your life so you can start making wellions
  • Set yourself up for real success
  • Stop feeling crappy and start feeling radiant

If you want to know what it really feels like to be rich, read Self-Made Wellionaire. Because nothing is more empowering than feeling good—and nothing feels better than laughing your ass(et) off.

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