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‘Misfit From Malibu’ | Inside Voice 28

‘Conscious Comedian’ Abby Lodmer reads an excerpt from her untitled memoir.

Abby has more energy and interests than G*d. She is a Renaissance woman if there ever was one! Abby completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona with a major in Media Arts and minors in Religious Studies and Dance. Abby worked for the U of A’s Wellness Center, creating healing programs and delivering lectures about health and drug education. During that time, Abby also embarked upon an aerobics training program- and has taught dance, aerobics and yoga in various capacities for the past 14 years.

Abby is a passionate environmentalist, and co-founded the University’s Greek Recycling program. Abby went on to do her graduate studies in Geosciences and Broadcast Meteorology at Mississippi State University, becoming a “Weather Girl” for 2 years, until she realized that her true calling was PURE PERFORMANCE, minus the science!~ (the teaching podium was her stage by day, and the comedy club, her venue by night)!

While at MSU, Abby taught undergraduate classes in communication/media, film and editing. Upon returning from graduate school, Abby studied metaphysics and healing through PLA (Perfect Love Awakening) ~, and became a life coach.

Abby then received her teaching credential from California State University, Northridge and combined her trainings and studies to become a life coach/tutor/nutritional counselor for all subjects, ages, grades and learning levels!

Abby Lodmer continues to traverse the world, bringing LIGHT and HEALING through HUMOR! She has performed in comedy clubs across the globe, including the Improv and the Laugh Factory, and has been featured in both television and live shows, playing characters from Rizzo in Grease, The Musical, to the “TV Reporter” and the “Jewish Relative” among other characters in Michael Lucid’s show, Pretty Things, ( Abby continues to uplift humanity through her show: Humor Healing Humanity, and through her stand-up comedy performances.

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‘Mrs. Hogan’ | Inside Voice 27

Award-winning poet Patty Kinney reads her piece “Mrs. Hogan” published by Lifeboat Journal and “Song” by Adrienne Rich 1929-2012.

Nominated for a 2014 Pushcart Prize for her poem, How To Talk To Your Schizophrenic Child, Olympia native Patty Kinney’s work has appeared in: The Sun, Crab Creek Review; Floating Bridge Review; University of Iowa’s Examined Life Journal; and other places. She embraces yellow ranunculus and the moon. Patty holds an MFA in nonfiction/poetry from Antioch, Los Angeles and a BA from The Evergreen State College. She recently completed a full-length poetry collection, Fertility Is A Found Object that is being published by Last Word Press, coming Winter ’16 and is working on two memoirs. Adoptee, mom of six sons and army veteran, Kinney teaches memoir/poetry workshops, volunteers with at-risk youth, mentors new writers/poets and leads OlyWriters, a creative writing workshop. Patty writes and speaks about the sometimes messy intersection of art and life — mental illness, homelessness, addiction, relationships. “I use writing as a way to heal myself and connect with others so they might feel and tell their stories.”

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