‘9 Essential Items For The Over 45 Set’ | Inside Voice 33

BLUNTmoms Editor in Chief Magnolia Ripkin reads her hilariously snarky take on ‘9 Essential Items For The Over 45 Set.’

Magnolia Ripkin is sort of like your mouthy Aunt who drinks too much and tells you how to run your life, except funny… well mostly funny… like a cold glass of water in the face. She writes a flagrantly offensive blog at Magnolia Ripkin Advice Blog answering pressing questions about business, personal development, parenting, heck even the bedroom isn’t safe.

She is the Editor in Chief at BluntMoms. Other places to find her: Huffington Post,  The Mighty and Modern Loss. You can also check her out in two amazing compendiums of bloggers who are published in “I Just Want To Be Alone.”  And most recently, Martinis and Motherhood, Tales of Wonder, Woe and WTF.

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9 Essential Items For The Over 45 Set

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