‘Back To Work’ | Inside Voice 35

MomCaveTV founder Jennifer Weedon Palazzo takes us on her journey to motherhood with her heartfelt piece ‘Back to Work.’

Jennifer Weedon Palazzo is the creator of MomCaveTV.com, an online network of comedy shows for moms including Slummy Mummy, Slacker Mom, Double Leche, Blabbermom, and MomCave LIVE. When she’s not writing about the funny side of being a mom for sites like Scary Mommy and Mamalode, Jennifer can be found eating Reese’s Cups while furiously bidding on vintage clothing on eBay. She splits her time between Manhattan and the Berkshires with her husband, Evan, bandleader of The Hot Sardines and their two kids. Follow her on Twitter @MomCaveTV and visit https://www.youtube.com/MomCave.

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