‘I Flew 1,200 Miles To Fake Being Engaged To An ICU Patient I’d Never Met Before – And Now We’re Married’ | Inside Voice 42

Sheri Schooley from Mommyopoly reads her xoJane featured essay, ‘I Flew 1,200 Miles to Fake Being Engaged to an ICU Patient I’d Never Met Before – And Now We’re Married.’

Sheri Schooley (Mommyopoly) is a sarcastic, witty, self-depricating, middle-age wife and mother of 2 incredibly amazing daughters. She enjoys spending time with her family, as well as making people laugh. She currently resides in the way-too-hot state of Florida and is phenomenal at complaining at complaining about it. Sheri expresses herself best through the written word and hopes that you’ll be able to connect with her through her stories of relationships, parenting, and neuroses. She can be found on Facebook  and Twitter @Mommyopoly.

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