‘Yoga Pants Rap’ MyLifeSuckers | Inside Voice 47

Deva Dalporto from MyLifeSuckers talks to us about the creative process behind her viral parody videos, life before YouTube fame and what projects she is working on next!

Deva Dalporto of MyLifeSuckers is the creator of the viral videos “Suburban Funk,” “I Just Need Some Space,” “What Does the Kid Say,” “Let It Go—Mom Parody,” and many more. NBC called her the “Weird Al of YouTube Moms.” Her videos have garnered over 70 million views and have been on Good Morning America, The Today Show, People.com, CNN, ABC, Fox News, HuffPost, PopSugar, Scary Mommy, Parents, trending on Yahoo several times and more. A former Senior Editor for Nickelodeon’s ParentsConnect, Deva has written for HuffPost, Yahoo!, PopSugar, Scary Mommy, Bio.com, What The Flicka and WeAreTeachers. She won a BlogHer Voice of the Year Award for Short Form Video and was nominated as “Best Fan Cover Artist” in ABC’s Billboard Music Awards Special. Deva is a contributor to the anthologies I Just Want to Be Alone and The Bigger Book of Parenting Tweets. She blogs at MyLifeSuckers.com and you can always find her on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook!

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